Andre harvey

emotion through photos

As a working photographer, I have the wonderful opportunity to capture people, places and things at their best. I am blessed with the opportunity to be a part of special milestones in people’s lives – engagements, weddings, anniversaries, graduating seniors, and family portraits. Photography is a wonderful way for me to capture these key moments.

I love talking with my clients to understand who they are. I consider it an honor when someone connects with my work and invites me to be apart of significant times in their lives. I get to do what I love, people look their best and we have lots of fun. What’s better than that?

Kirsten schafer-burns

Hey friends I am so glad you’re here! My names Kirsten I’m a New York photographer, dog mom and plant lover! I’m so grateful to be able to call this my job. My love for people and capturing moments that will last  forever is what got me into photography. I’ve been a photographer for 4 years and I couldn’t image doing anything else.

My photography style is very vivid and natural. I can’t wait to capture the love, joy, laughter and memories on your big day that will last a life time. 

Melissa Pakusch

I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember, and I’ve self taught everything I know. My style is considered “artsy” and “unique”, and I love to capture the little moments during your special day. Each wedding event I do is unique to the couple, and I style my photography work around you.

I am so excited to be a part of an amazing team working to make your memories perfect. I am honored when someone is just as excited as I am about the photos I take. I work for you, I work for photography, and I love it all. 

Andrea Seeloff

I have been taking photos my entire life. I have always loved to take photos, so I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to express my passion.  Whether it be photo or video full or mini session, live stream or in person I love planning and making my new friend’s day become a reality.


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